Graybill’s board certified Sports Medicine physicians are experts in evaluating and treating sports related injuries. They have the ability to efficiently direct treatment towards healing and recovery. In addition, they can provide training and guidance to help their patients avoid injury or re-injury and improve performance.

Sports Medicine physicians are able to treat patients of all ages and abilities, from “weekend warriors” to student- and elite athletes. Here are some of the most services they can provide (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Treatment of acute injuries (ankle sprains, joint dislocations, non-surgical fractures, etc.)
  • Treatment of overuse injuries such as stress fractures and complications including tendonitis and osteoarthritis
  • Nutritional support for certain goals, such as increased muscle mass, weight gain or loss, etc.
  • Specialized training for injury prevention
  • Specialized workouts to improve performance
  • Pre-participation physical examinations