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Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage with Intellishade®

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Intellishade delivers sheer, healthy color with advanced SPF45 sun block.

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With winter coming to a close and longer, warmer days ahead, now’s a good time to start preparing your skin for greater sun exposure.

Changes to our skin is a natural part of aging. But a phenomenon known as “photoaging” can accelerate those effects.

What is photoaging? Photoaging, or sun damage, describes the changes to the skin caused by chronic exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’s the primary cause of premature aging in women. The long-term effects on the skin from chronic sun exposure can include 1) fine lines and wrinkles, 2) discoloration, 3) loss of skin elasticity, 4) broken blood vessels, and increased risk of skin cancer.

Regardless of the season or what the weather is like outside, it’s important to protect your skin every day. At Graybill Medical Aesthetics, we’re proud to offer the Revision® line of professional skin care. Revision® offers a wonderful product called Intellishade® which is a tinted moisturizer that blends naturally with almost every skin tone for a touch of sheer, healthy color. It also contains an advanced SPF45 sun block which provides broad spectrum protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.


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