The Physicians, Advanced Practitioners, and Nurses of Graybill Medical Group consistently rank among San Diego’s best, as demonstrated by these awards and designations...

As the largest member of the Sharp Community Medical Group independent practice association, we’re proud to make a major contribution SCMG’s status as San Diego’s Best Medical Group, as determined 5 times (2015-2018, 2020) by the voters in the Union Tribune’s “UT Best San Diego’s Reader’s Poll”.

IHA Award for Excellence in Healthcare

Integrated Healthcare Association Excellence in Healthcare Award. Winners are physician organizations that achieve strong quality and patient experience results while effectively managing costs. To earn this recognition, physician organizations must rank in the top 50% for clinical quality and patient experience and cost performance.

...and we're in good company! We are proud to be affiliated with the following high quality organizations.

Palomar Medical Center Escondido is a state-of-the-art, 740,000-foot 11-story hospital facility opened in 2012. The medical center features 288 private single-patient rooms, 44 emergency and trauma rooms, and 11 operating rooms. The 56-acre campus will expand in phases – up to double its current size – to meet the developing needs of North San Diego County’s growing community.

On December 1, 2020, Graybill Medical Group became affiliated with Palomar Health to become the Graybill Division of Palomar Health Medical Group.

We are the largest member of the Sharp Community Medical Group, Inc. (SCMG), a private Independent Practice Association that was formed on September 8, 1989. SCMG is recognized for its commitment to delivering quality care through private practice physicians in the most efficient and effective manner.